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Pin Collection: Qatar Location : لوكيشن قطر
QAR 80
VIP QND Collection : VIP Luxury Gift. المجموعة المخملية
QAR 700
Combo QND Collection : Luxury Notebook file with Silk Scarf مجموعة الغالي يرخص له(٢)
QAR 430
Combo QND Collection : Luxury Notebook file with Satin Scarf مجموعة الغالي يرخص له(١)
QAR 440
Scarf Collection : VIP Silk Scarf
QAR 170
Scarf Collection : VIP Satin Scarf
QAR 180
Decorative bowl centerpiece
QAR 220
Scheherazade's decorated box
QAR 220
Decorative golden pixel vase
QAR 300
North tower candle (small)
QAR 150
North tower candle (large)
QAR 200
Butterfly wall/table decorative piece (small)
QAR 125