About us

Who we are: 

A Qatari institution specializing in gifts and distributions for various occasions


Our Vision: 

The continuous quest to be a leading local institution in the field of gifts and  favors based on ideas and creativity of Qatari hands which are inspired by our contemporary environment and supported by our beautiful identity and heritage.


Our Mission: 

Actual investment in human life is investment in his children, and on my part as a mother was keen to grow the importance of productivity and its impact on human life and society in which they live.
The transformation of the average person from consumption to production is very simple, and does not require complexity. It is sufficient for a person to believe in his abilities and skills, to be familiar with what the beautiful environment provides, and to acquire the requirements and needs of the society in which he lives, willing to renew and develop, and share his own mark in life, and insist to be a productive, influential and useful member of his community and country.


Our Target: 

To distribute our principles:

  • Any person is able to achieve self-sufficiency through the environmental components around him, regardless of his age and whatever his academic degree.
  • The uniqness of human is giving, production, hard work and innovation, not permanent consumption
  • The individual's productivity and creative ideas may contribute in his society positively, even if it is simple.
  • The desire of continuous work and innovation eliminates obstacles, no matter what their size.